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Skin Rejuvenation


Skin rejuvenation is a treatment to resurface your skin, or to improve the texture, clarity and overall appearance of your skin. Some conditions that can be treated include fine lines and wrinkles, darker pigmentation, scars,vascular conditions, and loss of skin tone.

What areas of the body respond to skin rejuvenation?

The face is the most common area for skin rejuvenation.  Areas exposed to the sun including the neck, upper chest, and the back of the hands can look years younger following three sessions of the skin rejuvenation.

What does the laser treatment feel like?

There is a mild amount of discomfort that is eased by using a cooling device during the treatment.

How long does the procedure take?

A typical facial rejuvenation will take less than 30 minutes.

How long after the treatment will I see results?

Vascular lesions (flushing, broken capillaries) and darker pigmentation caused by sun damage will begin to improve within one to two weeks after the first treatment.  A reduction in pore size and fine lines will produce smoother skin texture over the next few months.  Most people require three sessions scheduled three to four weeks apart.

How much does the laser treatment cost?

A full facial skin rejuvenation program is $700 for three sessions.