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Physical & Aesthetic Medicine

Our primary mission at Physical and Aesthetic Medicine is to help you look and feel your best at every age. You may have heard about a non-surgical cosmetic procedure or a new laser, but are not sure whom to see or where to go. Your search ends here!

Please call or e-mail us and we will schedule a free, private consultation with Dr. Kuhlman or Jodi Wilhelm, CNP. We will review all of your non-surgical cosmetic and musculoskeletal concerns and goals, then prepare an individualized program to meet your needs.We offer a variety of services addressing virtually any cosmetic concern and are continuously growing as technology does too.

We are experts in injecting Botox to reduce wrinkles and dermal fillers to increase volume and reduce sagginess. We have lasers that can effectively treat acne, toenail fungus, age spots, spider veins, wrinkles and can permanently remove face and body hair. TruSculpt can target and permanently reduce body fat and the appearance of cellulite. We offer Hydrafacial, an affordable, award winning medical grade facial that targets virtually any skincare concern. Our Cryopen can freeze off skin tags, warts and moles. Dr. Kuhlman and Jodi Wilhelm CNP. are also certified to inject Kybella to reduce a double chin, alongside our machines that aid in skin tightening.  Our robotic MLS laser has provided excellent results in treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions including back pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, tendinitis, neuropathy, etc. We also offer stemcell facials, PRP facelifts, a cutting edge skincare line and so much more. Call us today to explore all your wellness needs!

Dr. Kurt Kuhlman

Dr. Kuhlman is a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist with expertise in Botox and anti-aging medicine. He lectures and teaches physicans proper Botox injections and is a consultant for realself.com.

Dr. Kurt Kuhlman

Dr. Kuhlman opened Physical and Aesthetic Medicine in 2013 after expanding his Botulinum toxin practice and completing  numerous aesthetic and anti-aging certification courses.  Dr. Kuhlman has been injecting botulinum toxins for twenty years for a variety of conditions including spasticity, dystonia, migraine, hyperhydrosis, blepharospasm, neuromuscular disorders, pelvic floor myospasm, Raynaud's disease, cosmetics, etc.

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